to this little trophy! 

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin/unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. -Emily Dickinson


I began blogging only a week ago- 10 days to be precise. When I entered this blogospere, I was overtaken, and somewhat discouraged, by the fear that I will have no audience to hear what I have to say. On my second day as a blogger on WordPress, I had managed to procure 2 followers. I was overwhelmed. At least two blessed persons want to hear me out! The feeling was out of the world.

And today, after eight days following that precious achievement, there are more than a hundred people willing to read my blog! There are so many who think like I do, so many who agree with me, who have gone through what I have. My brand new blog has reached out to so many people in one week. Do you want to hear the simple truth behind this fine development, in one word? Reciprocation.

As one of my fellow (and much more experienced) bloggers mySestina beautifully puts it, you cannot, and should not, expect people to acknowledge your blog if you refuse to acknowledge theirs. Whether you like their work or not is a different matter altogether. But it doesn’t hurt to give it a chance, right? This simple principle holds good not only for blogs, but for the world in general. For once, keep aside your ego and that ghastly pride. Show a little appreciation, motivate a little, criticize even more. What have you got to lose anyway?

I hope my banter did not waste your time. I hope whatever I just wrote reaches out to all those newbies like me who aren’t sure how to proceed, who are simply intimated by all the greatly experienced and brilliant writers on this platform. I thank every one of you who have given me the chance to prove myself, and been the reason for the boost in my self-esteem. The journey has just begun.


58 thoughts on “to this little trophy! 

  1. Congratulations my lovely lady.. More than 100 followers in a matter of 10 days is absolutely stunning! I wish you get connected to more amazing people and receive their love as you love them back.. I must thank you for giving me the credit to have inspired you. It gives me immense pleasure to learn that a little bit of me can bring some positivity around. We are all capable to loving each other, so why not! I Welcome you to the Blogger’s Pool and thank you at the same time to be huge support to make it an enjoyable pool to take a dive in…. Cheers! and way to go

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  2. Congratulations this is awesome and I relate with everything you said still being fairly new myself. Being heard, feedback and recognition is so important, but should not only be received but also be given.

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  3. Thanks on this advice of yours and I also have a kind of request that do mind checking my two posts that I had posted I can use some pointers specifically about my writing

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  4. Wow , I just stumbled upon your blog and I am in awe , I don’t even believe i can write but i have the desire to just put everything into writing, I am learning though, reading from blogs like these gives me hope..

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