the faceless abductor

death was but a catastrophe in the neighbour’s house/in yours-a sympathetic murmur, and a sigh/until, your favourite poet’s treachery knocks you down/and you cry out-“why had she romanticized ‘it’?”

the harlequin in your courtyard, one spring morning, fades, then blackens/the whiff of charred petals stinging your nostrils/while apathetic clouds hover over your helpless little fairytale kingdom

a faceless abductor stands at your doorstep, an unwelcome guest/chaperoned by a gush of choking wind/the family photo frame comes crashing down on the hardwood/and you step on those red shards of glass (you never meant to)

it is here, you can tell (though it withdraws every time you extend your hand)/its veil hides neither a Frankensteinian gentleman, nor Grendel’s mother/only, the unshackling of pain, clouded by/the doomed shriek of an orphan

there is no introduction, only an uncertain farewell/before you dissipate into a flickering light which calls itself/’the presence of an absence’-its flame sometimes burning, at other times igniting/but in the end, self-destructing

in your little kingdom, helpless but not fairytale anymore/the rains expunge every evidence of injury, just like/they washed away the soil where the oak tree had been uprooted/you feel no pain, only an absence-a diminishing black hole/and you idolize your favourite poet again


[Originally published in Quail Bell Magazine and republished in Moledro Magazine] 


12 thoughts on “the faceless abductor

  1. Hi, do enjoy your loveliness in writing. Would like some more pleasant thoughtful ponderings. 🙂

    I nominate you for the 3 days 3 quotes challenge.
    Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quotes for three days. 2.Three nominees each day (no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you(there’s no problem if you don’t, 🙂 4.Inform the nominees.

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  2. I read “About Me” first and was charmed by your wit, and then meandered over here – only to be knocked out by the brilliance of your gift. I love that you have your own distinct style. Shall be following.


    • That’s great! There’s this post of mine called “to this little trophy” that I suggest every newbie in WordPress to go through. Hope it helps you, good day!


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